KS-350 Folding Electric Kick Scooter



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The KS- 350 is the future of electric scooters and single-user transportation.

Lightweight aluminium construction, removable battery, built-in LED lighting, and triple brake system, all contribute to a safe and comfortable commute.

Power isn't a question with the brushless high efficiency front hub motor helping you get to your destination quickly. Not limited to quick trips, the scooter is equip for long commutes with its lightweight lithium-ion battery for longer life & less charging, which effortlessly detaches for ease.


Beautifully styled and designed, the KS-350 is the new standard in micro-mobility.

Ultra Portable

With our fluid, foldable design, you can take the scooter anywhere with ease.


No matter what weather you encounter, sail through it with no worries.


No matter what weather you encounter, sail through it with no worries.

Eskuta Lifestyle

Go where you want, when you want, with one of the most sustainable and environment friendly vehicles money can buy.

Ride with ease and stress-free with the LED display &

push type throttle

Triple brake, so when you need to stop, you'll stop fast and easy

Ride with ease and stress-free with the LED display &

push type throttle

Triple brake, so when you need to stop, you'll stop fast and easy

Live life into the night with the bright LED headlight

Power? Not even a question with the Brushless 350W motor

Live life into the night with the bright LED headlight

Power? Not a question with the Brushless 350W motor

Why Choose Us?


We deliver your order to your door, using one of our specialist couriers, usually within 24 hours of you placing your order. How good is that!


Every Eskuta is checked in our U.K factory in Nuneaton. Each scooter has a

20-point check and test ride before it leaves our manufacturing facility with a

1-year warranty.


We've made financing an Eskuta as simple as possible, so you can order today and spread the cost for a low monthly amount with PayPal Credit

Common Questions

Can I test-ride my Eskuta before I buy?

Yes you can. You can come to our head office and manufacturing centre in Nuneaton, which is in the Midlands. Alternatively we do have re-sellers around the country, so please call us on the number below and we can recommend a reseller that is local to you. 

If you travel to us and purchase an Eskuta product, we will reimburse your travel costs up to a maximum of £100. If travelling by public transport we will require copy receipts of your travel expenses. 

We are more than happy to collect you from the local train station.

Just telephone us on 024 76 350150 or email us on info@eskuta.com and book in your test ride. 

How is an Eskuta delivered?

If you’re buying directly from Eskuta then we will deliver your new Eskuta directly to your door. Bikes are delivered fully assembled and charged, ready to ride. All bikes undertake a PDI or ‘Pre-Delivery Inspection’, so you can be sure your Eskuta reaches you in perfect order.

If you’re buying your bike through a local approved Eskuta dealership then you can expect exactly the same service as buying your Eskuta directly, only with the added benefit of being close to you. Your local dealership will deliver your new Eskuta free of charge if you’d like, but there’s more chance of you wanting to pick it up and get out riding.

What is the Delivery Lead-time?

Delivery is dependent upon your location; we always try to get your Eskuta to you as quickly as possible. Each Eskuta is built to order, so that’s especially for you and each order has a ‘Pre Delivery Inspection (PDI) and test ride to ensure your Eskuta is perfect. 

Manufacturing usually takes 7 – 10 days, so we quote 14 days for delivery. On most occasions, it usually a little bit quicker. 

How do I charge my Eskuta?

It’s really easy! There are 2 ways:

1) Plug the adaptor directly into the charging socket on the bike.


2) Simply remove your lightweight lithium-ion battery and take it in your home, school, university, work or anywhere with a standard 13 amp socket outlet and charge away.

How many times can the battery be charged?

Our lightweight Lithium Ion battery can be charged approximately 1,000 times, which is more than twice the number of an equivalent lead acid battery.

Can I buy another battery so that don’t run out of charge?

Yes you have the option in the ‘check-out’ area to buy another battery and effectively double your range.

Do you have a guarantee?

Yes! It’s hugely important to us that every Eskuta gives you a long lasting and amazing rider experience. That’s why every Eskuta is made to order and with care and to our own exacting, almost fanatical requirements.

Apart from the stringent quality control of our manufacturing, each Eskuta is assembled here in the U.K by our engineers and has a full Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) and is test ridden. So you can be guaranteed that when you take delivery of your Eskuta, it is exactly how we intended it to be; just amazing!

Eskuta’s are built to last and that’s why we give a 1-year or 8,000 kilometre warranty on every machine we make. Petrol scooters will need consistent and expensive servicing, but not an Eskuta! Because an Eskuta has an electric motor rather than a combustion engine like on a petrol moped, there are very few moving parts and very little to go wrong. And of course making oil changes, changing spark plugs and filling-up with petrol are a thing of the past!

What security does my Eskuta have?

Security is a major factor whether you a private customer, professional delivery rider or a company. As standard your Eskuta comes with an ultrasonic imobiliser alarm system and steering lock. 

Do you stock spare parts for Eskuta’s?

Yes, we carry every single part of an Eskuta in stock so you can be assured if you need to replace a part, the chances are we can get it to you within a couple of days. If you need a part, just call our sales-line

Can I carry a passenger on an Eskuta?

Yes you can, but this will affect the speed and battery range. Check on the safety labelling on your Eskuta as to the maximum carrying weight.

#RIP Petrol

The Eskuta vision is a simple one, to bring freedom of motion to the masses with our electric bikes and electric scooters.

We’re creating a revolution and we’d love you to come along with us for the ride.