Electric Delivery bike

• Usual Price: £1896.00 inc. VAT

• Norwich Collective Partner Offer: £795 +VAT

• Local Legend Offer: Buy one get one free (BOGOF)

• Price Includes £100 White Glove Delivery Service

Benefits for your business

• Ability to employ 16+ years to ride an Eskuta

• Insurance not required (we recommend public liability insurance)

• Staff flexibility – allows for in-store team members to be cross-trained to deliver

• Larger staffing pool and recruitment cost savings.

• No CBT License Required

• Able to house in-store – all electric motor, no combustible fuel or pollutants

• Ride in bus and cycle lanes; improving delivery time efficiency

• Almost silent, it can be used late at night in provincial locations

• Ethical delivery solution – a great PR story for any restaurant brand!

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